Vent Silencer
Fire Tube Boilers
Flow Measurement Device
Sampling Cooler


  Spray-Tray type Deaerators
  Removing the dissolved gases to prevent corrosion
  Feed water heating
  Feed water storage
  Increasing thermal efficiency
  Providing required NPSH for feed water pump
  The contact surface in FAP deaerators is maximized by the use of spray nozzle(s) and duration of contact is optimized in the heating trays. Heating of water is accomplished by direct contact of the water and the steam.
The solubility of a gas depends on the Temperature of the water and the partial pressure of the gas in contact with the water. When the temperature of the water is at the boiling point for the operating pressure, the solubility of the gases will be zero.
Repeated agitation and breaking up of the water by passing it through sprays and over trays and also through a steam atmosphere, which is maintained by venting, causes rapid diffusion and elimination of the gases.
Vacuum Deaerators
Vacuum type deaerators are used to obtain a very efficient carbon dioxide removal as well as a good oxygen removal from demineralized water. Single or multiple stages vacuum deaerators are available.

  Outlet water temperature
Outlet O2 content less than 0.005 (cc/lit)  at design condition
Non-detectable outlet CO2 content
Mechanical guarantees as per relative codes and standards
Vaccum 2-10 2-130 For Cold Water System
(Intergrated dome)     Water Softening System
Intergrated dome 2-10 2-120 Marine Boiler
      Low Power Generation
      Limitation In Place
Vertical dome 10-20 10-300 Fire Tube Boiler
      Water Tube Boiler
      Heat Recovery Boiler
      Furnace (steam unit)
Horizontal dome 10-30 250-5000 Utility Steam Generation Unit
      Utility Steam Heat Recovery unit

FAP Deaerators operate at temperature range of 105c-176c in pressure range from 0.4 barg to 7 barg


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