FAP major products

FAP expertise covers wide ranges of fields that require Design Engineering &
Manufacturing as well as inspection & supervision including it's relevant commercial
and marketing activities. These fields include but not limited to the following products:

Spray-Tray Type Deaerators

Fire Tube Boilers
Flow Measurement Devices
Vent Silencers
Sampling Coolers


 FAP Services

Also FAP has had an active engagement including Engineering Services" in major field of other
petrochemical , power plant & refinery equipment such as:

Pressure Vessels
Heat Exchangers
Tall Towers
Chemical Reactors
Cooling Towers
Fixed and Floating Root Storage Tanks
Water-Tube Boilers
Fuel loading and unloading stations

 FAP Software Capabilities

FAP engineering dept. covers wide ranges of latest version of in-house and also international
engineering softwares in different fields as follows:

 ● Mechanical design of pressure vessels using PV- ELITE & NOZZLE- PRO
 ● Mechanical design of fixed and floating roof storage tanks using TANK
 ● Thermal design of equipment using ASPEN PLUS HTFS & HTRI
 ● Plant design using CADWORX, AUTO PLANT & AUTO PIPE
 ● Piping systems using CEAESAR II, CADPIPE & AUTO PIPE
 ● Stress analysis based on FEM using SAP- 2000, ANSYS & STAAD lll
 ● Project planning and control using PRIMAVERA & MS- PROJECT


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